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Compliance Schedule

(not to be confused with a Code of Compliance certificate)

A compliance schedule is a document that
contains specific information about, and
procedures for, specified systems within
a building.
Section 103 of the Building Act requires that
a compliance schedule must state:
  • the specified systems that are covered by
    the compliance schedule
  • the performance standards for the specified
  • the inspection, maintenance, and reporting
    procedures to be followed for each specified
• the specified systems that relate to the
    – final exits
    – fire separations
    – signs intended to facilitate evacuation
    – smoke separations
    – any signs that are required by the Building
       Code or section 120 of the Building Act.

Section 100 of the Building Act states that
a compliance schedule is required for a building
(except a single household unit) containing any
of the prescribed specified systems (currently
there are 14 different specified systems