Specified Systems = BWoF

Specified Systems

indicative list of specified systems

SS1  Specified System: Automatic systems for fire suppression

SS2  Specified System: Automatic or manual emergency warning systems

         for fire

SS3  Specified System: Electromagnetic or automatic doors or windows

SS4  Specified System: Emergency lighting systems incl (illuminated exit signs)

SS5  Specified System: Escape route pressurisation systems

SS6  Specified System: Rise mains

SS7  Specified System: Automatic back-flow preventers

SS8  Specified System: Lifts, escalators, travelators, or other systems

SS9  Specified Systems: Mechanical ventilation or air conditioning systems

           Toilet extract system serving multiple facilities
            Ducted ventilation or air conditioning system
            A spray booth ventilation system
            Cooling-water system incorporating one or more cooling towers
            Split air conditioning unit that introduces fresh air into the building
SS10    Specified Systems: Building maintenance units eg Gantry
SS12    Specified System: Audio loops or other assistive listening systems
SS13    Specified System: Smoke control systems
SS14    Specified System: Emergency power systems
SS14/2 Signs relating to specified systems

SS15    Specified System: Other fire safety systems or features
SS15/1 Systems for communicating spoken information intended to

             facilitate evacuation

SS15/2 Final exits

SS15/3 Fire separations
             Fire door forming part of a fire separation
             Walls forming a safe path within a building
             Fire rated floor

SS15/4 Signs for communicating information intended to facilitate evacuation
             Exit Sign
             Directional sign
             No exit sign
SS15/5 Smoke separations
             Walls forming a protected path in a building
             Smoke resistant lift lobby
             A smoke stop door