Building Warrant of Fitness

aka BWOF

Building warrant of fitness (BWoF)

A BWoF is required where a Compliance
has been issued for a building.
A BWoF verifies that the inspection,
maintenance and reporting procedures for
all the specified systems within a building
have been carried out in accordance with
the compliance schedule for the previous
12 months.
The BWoF must be prepared with the prescribed

form (Form 12) in the Building (Forms) Regulations 2004.

Section 108 of the Building Act requires that
a BWoF must:
  • be supplied on each anniversary of the issue
    of the compliance schedule
  • state the location of the compliance schedule
    and associated compliance schedule reports
  • state that the inspection, maintenance,
    and reporting procedures have been fully
    complied with during the previous 12 months
  • have attached to it all Form 12A certificates
    issued by IQPs for the specified systems
  • have attached to it any recommendations
    from an IQP to amend the compliance

The owner must display a copy of the BWoF
in a place in the building where it can be seen
by building users.